Why It's Worth Paying A Professional For Postpartum Care Too

Sometimes pregnant women say they don’t need a postpartum doula because they have their mother/husband/sister/great aunt coming to stay. But today I want to give you five reasons why it’s worth having a doula in your postpartum support team too.

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Doulas Are Not Emotionally Involved

When you are cared for by people who love you it’s a beautiful thing :) But if you experience something challenging or traumatic, then they will go through that experience with you. If the birth or breastfeeding doesn’t go to plan, your loved ones can be as shocked or disappointed as you are, and it can be helpful to have someone outside of that situation to talk to about your experiences.

Plus anthropological research shows that if the person caring for you is genetically related to your baby but not to you it’s possible there is a very subtle conflict of interest. A doula can help you unpack some of the pressure you may feel and help you tune in to what feels truly right for you.

And if you make a choice that a family member doesn’t agree with you might hear about it later, sometimes frequently! Doulas can help you with boundaries and confidence around this kind of stuff too.

Having a baby is a big transition for everyone and we also provide support for partners, siblings and extended family during the adjustment period. We understand the dynamics of all relationships will be affected and support positive communication.

Doulas Won’t Steal Your Baby

When I say I’m a doula lot’s of people assume I love babies, but the truth is I love mothers! Postpartum doulas will only hold your baby if you need to pee or shower, but we won’t arrive expecting cuddles or wanting to wake your baby up for an impromptu photo shoot. 

Your doula is here for YOU, and it’s quite possible she’ll be your only visitor with that perspective! We can also help with managing visitors if your schedule is getting a little out of control!

We Don’t Give Advice Or Pass Judgment

Postpartum doulas typically provide companionship and emotional support by actively listening, providing a shoulder to cry on or having a cup of tea and a laugh together. You can literally ask us anything! There are no questions too big, too small or too embarrassing for a postpartum doula.

A good postpartum doula will never tell you what to do, or give you advice or judge you! We just listen and help you tune into your baby and your body and make the right decision for your family.

We Bring Evidence-Based Information And Referrals (Not Opinions!)

Sometimes family members or friends bring home outdated and even unsafe information and opinions about parenting topics such as breastfeeding and bed sharing. A good postpartum doula, however, can point you towards the latest evidence and best practise to help you make the right decisions for your family. We also have extensive referral networks and know what red flags to look for and when more expert support is required.

We Also Bring Extra Skills

One of our graduates is a massage therapist and worked for an Indian family. Her mother came over to care for her for forty days, but they still needed help with the daily massage, which is part of their traditional Indian postpartum care protocol. 

You can choose a doula who compliments the skills existing in your family to fund out your team. Your doula is one of your village, and will work with your family and friends to make sure you get the best care possible.

Traditionally, postpartum support may have come from a friend or family member. The problem we face in our culture is that, even though our friends and family want to help, they don’t actually know how. Since they’re not really familiar with a Newborn Mother’s needs and postpartum traditions, they can actually do more harm than good. Adding a professional to your village can keep everything running more smoothly.