Three Ways To Explain What You Do As A Postpartum Doula

My very first business coach taught me a valuable lesson which has stayed with me for many years. He said:

“People are looking for solutions, not Doulas.”

If you are trying to market your services as a postnatal doula you aren’t going to get a tonne of enquiries.


Very few people have even heard of doulas! When I used to say I was a doula sometimes people would reply "Oh a jeweller!? How lovely!" Or if they did know what a doula was, they would assume I attends births when I'm actually a postpartum doula.

I stopped saying "I am a doula" pretty early on - it didn't show my prospective clients what I could do for them.


There are three ways you can get around this gap in knowledge about postpartum doulas and reach the women who need your services.

1. Focus On Who You Work With, Not Yourself

I hate to break it to you but no one cares about what you do. They only care what you can do for them.

A list of your qualifications is ok as fine print, but it’s not going to catch her attention or her heart.

Instead, write for pregnant women, and be very specific about the kinds of pregnant women you love working with. Does your ideal client love yoga? Is this her first baby? What does she eat? Where does she live? What does she read?

Write about her and you will be able to connect with her. Write about yourself and she’ll very quickly lose interest.

2. Be Very Clear About The Problem That You Solve

Instead of introducing myself as a postpartum doula I learned to say: “I work with pregnant women who want to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and find peace and joy in the transition to motherhood.”

Figure out what your ideal client longs for and what she wants to avoid. Introduce yourself as the solution to her problems. When you know her dreams and fears you can instantly connect with her and build a trusting relationship.

3. Make Your Marketing Educational

I love and teach content marketing. It’s a way of marketing your services by giving plenty of generous free information, in order to build trust with your audience.

There are so many benefits to content marketing, but I’ll focus on just one. When you sell by teaching then you are educating many, many more people than just your clients. You are contributing to the global change in the way we understand postpartum.

So go create content! Write blog posts, run a free workshop, speak at local events… Share your postpartum message with anyone who will listen.

You will raise your profile as the go-to postpartum expert in your town, plus you will be part of a larger cultural shift in the way we support Newborn Mothers.

Your turn! Let me know how you can better explain what you do to potential clients?