How To Cook For Your Postpartum Clients

When I get asked a question over and over again I know it’s time to write a blog post about it! I am often asked about how to cook for Newborn Mothers, what the regulations are and where to actually do the cooking.


I can only speak about my experience in Australia but if you have any information regarding your own country please add it in the comments.

Health And Safety

You can do a simple Food Handlers Certificate Course online, and it only takes a few hours. This will give you the basic food handling and safety info you need, plus a certificate. Easy :)

Cooking In Your Home

When choosing whether to cook in your home or in your clients home there are a few things to consider.

If you cook at your own home it’s easy to forget to charge for your time and realise only later that you are barely covering your costs. Be sure to factor in your time!

To sell food prepared in your own kitchen you will need to register. An environmental health officer will come to your home and check that your kitchen is clean and hygienic, and meets certain structural requirements such as ventilation.

Cooking In Your Clients Home

If you cook in your clients home you can plan a menu together - I go through my recipe book with them.  I usually ask my clients family or friends to do the shopping or we set up online shopping as part of the village building process, or you bring the ingredients yourself.

If you buy ingredients make sure you include that in your pricing calculations.

Pricing And Scale

Cooking small batches to order is a beautiful premium service and deserves a premium price.

If you want to make your meals more affordable consider hiring a catering kitchen once a week and having a set menu. That way you can shop, cook, clean and deliver all on one day and reach and serve many more Newborn Mothers.

Your First Step

Contact your local governments Environmental Health Department and they will guide you through these certification and registration processes and more. It’s usually really easy and doesn’t cost too much to get started!

More Things To Consider

You may need to register your business, your business name and get a registration number, in Australia, this is an ABN or Australian Business Number. Talk to your local Tax Office or the Australian Tax Office about this. And for Australian insurance speak to the Doula Network of Australia.

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