How To Communicate With Your Toddler And Stop Tantrums

Teach them sign language! It’s so easy. If your baby can wave, dance, do actions to a song or give you a high five they are already doing sign language. Next it’s time to teach them some more useful words, so they can tell you what they want or need instead of whining, crying or screaming.



Choose 5 or 6 words to start with and don’t introduce anymore until you’re little one has mastered them. I recommend starting with eat, drink, more, help, milk and something just for fun like dog or car.


Repeat, repeat, repeat. The starter words above are all words you will use many times a day, now just add the sign whenever you say them.


Have fun. Add your signs to songs, rhymes and games. Use flash cards. Read board books in sign language.


Get excited when your baby signs back, even if it doesn’t look much like the sign at all! They’ll get more accurate as fine motor skills improve.