Is Garlic Bad For Babies?

Your breastfed baby tastes everything you eat, and there are many old wives tales saying you shouldn’t eat garlic cause it may give your baby indigestion or that your baby won’t like the flavour.


In fact research* shows babies actually love the flavour of garlic, and will suck longer and drink more garlic flavoured milk then regular milk.

But as always garlic is only a temporary way to increase your milk supply. If you already eat lots of garlic your baby will already be used to it’s flavour and it won’t have any effect. If you don’t eat garlic regularly try increasing your intake of garlic for a week. In case you are wondering garlic flavour peaks in your breast milk about two hours after you eat it.

Garlic can give a quick boost in your milk supply. It is also a safe way to help you beat thrush and boost your immune system.

The best garlic is fresh purple garlic, crushed and well cooked in butter. Use it in recipes as you normally would, but don’t take it raw or as capsules, it’s just too harsh this way.

But as always don’t worry about getting it right, just get in touch. If you or your baby are not comfortable with garlic, then leave it alone.

*Mennella, J A, and G K Beauchamp. "The effects of repeated exposure to garlic-flavored milk on the nursling's behavior." Pediatric Research 34.6 (1993): 805-808.)