Does Your Baby Need More Sleep?

I spent the first year of her life trying to get her to sleep as much as she was supposed to. I read that she wouldn’t grow properly if she didn’t sleep for the required number of hours each day. I heard that sleep is important for brain development. I was even told by a GP that it was my poor settling techniques causing her ‘sleep disorder.’


When I finally gave in and let her drop her morning nap at ten months old she finally started sleeping a bit better at night. I later read a post from Pinky McKay that described her “low sleep needs” child and I thought “that’s my baby!!!” I started putting her to bed an hour later and waking her up if her nap went on for too long and the results where instant! I was happier and getting more sleep at night, and believe it or not her brain wasn’t stunted, her growth wasn’t retarded and my settling technique didn’t need to be changed at all.

I realised that it wasn’t my baby who needed more sleep, it was me! If you find you are battling with your baby then give some thought to why you are want your baby to sleep so badly. Is it because you need a moment to yourself during the day? Is it because you desperately need more night time sleep? Is it because you keep talking to other mums whose babies sleep for three hours longer every day than yours?

Work out who needs more sleep, you or your baby. If it’s your baby, I can help you. My baby never slept. If it’s you who needs more sleep, I’m glad you are here!