A Doula's Job Is To Work Herself Out Of A Job

Call me crazy but I’m always trying to work myself out of a job. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a postnatal doula, but my goal is cultural change. I want to see all new mothers in Australia getting the support they need.


I want to see your neighbours bringing you food after the birth of your baby. I want to see improved paid parental leave so mums and dads can BOTH take an active role in parenting without worrying about the mortgage. I want to see the end of the supermum myth and hear mums asking loudly and proudly for help BEFORE they get Postnatal depression.

I’m not a nanny or a cleaner, I don’t want you to be dependant on my services in the long term. My goal is to nurture parents into their new roles. We will work to grow your ‘village,’ build your confidence and restore your strength after birth and you will naturally no longer need my services. And I will be so happy!