How Newborn Mothers Follow Through On Their Intentions

My goal is to do myself out of a job! I do this by working with clients to set intentions and create a self care plan. It's easy to set intentions, the joy is that my clients actually follow through with them. This is because I use gentle coaching techniques to tease out how these new intentions are going to become regular habits and where they will fit in their daily lives, so new mothers naturally look after themselves without having to go against the flow.


The framework for our private work together is hinged on the following four steps, first is knowing what you want and need, the second is setting intentions, then thirdly we look at mindsets that are holding mothers back and finally work on surrounding a new mother with a supportive village so she's simply moving with the flow.

  • Clarify your vision as a mother, for you and your family. We’ll work out what it looks like for you to feel relaxed and confident in your new role as a mum (even if this is your second or third baby).

  • Create a self-care plan with a few simple actions and behaviours to bring enormous physical and emotional benefits for you and your family. This clarity with liberate you from advice that is often well intentioned, but just isn’t valuable. The results in your life are because of the actions you take, so if you want different results you have to take different actions. Together we’ll work out the highest leverage actions and behaviours.

  • Let go of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and judgements to create lasting changes in your life. Master your inner experience and let go of mindsets that are holding you back. You’ll be a different person once you go through my program, and that work starts from the inside out. We'll work on letting go of that mother guilt, and we'll make sure you are getting the love you need.

  • Build your village so you don’t feel like you are swimming against the tide. Connect more deeply with people who you can trust, and who will give you support, confidence, health and love.This is all about aligning your collective space and surrounding yourself with like-minded people.