Who Do You Share With When You Are Exhausted Or Overwhelmed?

Birth is a big deal in our culture. With all the fear and intervention and trauma surrounding birth it is not surprising that most mums haven't given a second thought to life after the Big Event. If you are pregnant consider making a list of phone numbers (before the baby is born) of people or places who can support you (after the baby is born). You might include:


24-hour breastfeeding helpline (1800 mum 2 mum | 1800 686 268 in Australia)

Lactation consultant for one on one support if needed (you'll need someone local, and don't just depend on your hospital, they sometimes aren't that well qualified)

24-hour health advice helpline (1800 022 222 in Australia)

Three like-minded friends who have babies within a year of yours

Professional supports (maybe your midwife, obstetrician, doula, pediatrician or childbirth educator)

Depression helpline (1300 224 636 in Australia)

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