What To Name Your Doula Business

Naming your business can be one of the first big stumbling blocks you face when you start your business. Some people deliberate for months or even years, waiting for the perfect business name.

But I always believe it’s better done than perfect! It’s much more important for you to step into your life’s work in loving service of Newborn Mothers, then to seek perfection.


There are two kinds of business names I really love, they are super simple and oh-so-quick leaving you to get on with the important stuff. Making a difference in the live’s of Newborn Mothers.

Location Based Service Business Name

These names are really great for SEO cause when someone wants a service, guess what they google? Service and location. Plumber Fremantle. Doula Sydney. Bay Area Placenta Encapsulation.

Simply name your business by where you are and what you do and you can’t go wrong.

Your Name

YOU are enough. Just you.

Using your own name as your business name has many benefits.

Your business can grow and evolve with you and you are not locked into a particular service because of your business name.

Your personal brand is SO valuable - people will choose you because they can connect with you as a human and they are sick and tired of faceless, nameless corporations.

And you don’t even need to register the business name if you are trading as your legal name. So you can get started right now.

So what are you waiting for? Get to work!