Podcast - Episode 27 - Vaginal Steaming

You Are Here Because You Believe Birth Is About Making Mums Too.

Interview with Shelley McClure

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As a Newborn Mother, you are being invited to reinvent yourself because when a baby is born so is a mother, and the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth. You'll learn how to find peace and joy in the first 40 days after birth and how your postpartum experience can change your life.

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Meet Shelley! A Mama, Partner, Postpartum Doula, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Home Herbalist and Feminine Ecologist dedicated to helping Women and Communities flourish, especially during times of intense transition such as the onset of menarche, pregnancy-postpartum & menopause. These special times of crossing the threshold offer tremendous opportunity for positivity and growth if honoured and respected. Largely inspired by my own growth and challenges into Motherhood, I am especially passionate to share and be a part of an ever growing movement of postpartum care revitalists. By practicing the ancient art of postpartum care culture, in a modern context, I believe we can nurture and nourish Women, Children and Families to have a fulfilling and supported transition into Motherhood. I offer nourishing meals, teas, massage, herbal support and importantly a safe space of emotional support to allow families to find their own unique innate wisdom amongst the glorious messy chaos. 

I also aim to offer Holistic Womencare amongst which I grow, dry and produce herbs for my quality bespoke herbal products to aid in optimal health for womanhood, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.  I am a Steamy Chick Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator with studies in Postpartum Steam Treatments. I truly believe in the power of the steam to assist in physical and emotional healing, having experienced this firsthand and working alongside Women. I am currently studying family Herbalism with The Herbal Academy of New England and training with Rachelle Garcia Seliga of Innate Postpartum Traditions. I am a Newborn Mothers Graduate, have studied Reflexology, Lomi Lomi & Traditional Chinese Massage and have background Qualifications in Social Work working primarily with Women and Children.

I love connecting with new people from all walks of life at all life phases so please reach out. I can be found at:

Website > https://www.pollinationmamas.com/
Instagram > https://www.instagram.com/pollinationmamas/
Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/Pollination-Mamas-1991615587537553/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Further Reading:

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The Steamy Chick - Keli Garza > https://www.steamychick.com/

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