Three Reasons Why Kate Is Still My Celebrity Mummy Hero

A couple of years ago when Kate Middleton had her first baby I wrote a blog post about three reasons why Kate is my new celebrity mummy hero. Now the world is watching again as baby number two makes an appearance and I am happy to say I am still in love with Kate.


But let's start from the beginning.

I don't envy her. I can't think of anything worse than having to step out in front of hundreds of camera's right after giving birth. How did she manage to keep herself from leaking whilst the whole world is watching? How many hours did it take to do her hair and make up that she could have been sleeping? How did she even sit on the car seat without one of those doughnut cushions to protect her? 

Who really knows what is happening behind closed doors, but I am very happy to see normal, healthy birth making big waves in the media for a change.

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Midwifery Continuity Of Care

Apparently, Kate chose the same midwives who supported the birth of baby George a couple of years ago to support her support the birth of her second baby too.  Meanwhile, the male doctors waited in a nearby room.

Midwifery-led continuity of care is the gold standard maternity model and carries many benefits including:

  • reduction in the use of epidurals,

  • fewer episiotomies,

  • fewer instrumental births and

  • lower incidence of preterm birth.

Labouring At Home

Kate arrived at the hospital just 154 minutes before she gave birth!

Many doulas and childbirth educators recommend staying at home as long as comfortable during labour. It's generally thought that when a normal, healthy, full-term mother labours longer at home, before going to the hospital, she has a shorter hospital stay, feels more in control and needs fewer interventions to progress labour and relieve pain.

Mum's The Word

Just like last time, Kate is off to her mum's to rest and recover after childbirth.

I bet she is happy to say yes to all the help she can get now that she is a mum of two. This leaves Kate with two very important jobs. Falling in love and learning to breastfeed. 

You probably don't have a lady-in-waiting, but I bet you've got a friend, neighbour or family member offering to cook, pick up some groceries or take your toddler to the park. Take a leaf out of Kate's book and say YES PLEASE!

And on to much more important business, what will they name the new Princess!? Who cares about Kate, there's a BABY now!