10 Reasons Why Mums Love Ecourses

I've heard a few mums say lately that they've never done an eCourse, or they don't know what an eCourse is. Some mums tell me they don't think it would work for them or that they don't have time. 


I've been working with mums for more than five years now, and as soon as I came across eCourses I fell in love with them. I've been participating in lots of eCourses lately for personal development, physical health and for my business. As an eCourse participant I saw the immense value in this learning format for me as a mother. 

That's why I've been spending the past year getting all my offerings online. eCourses are an AWESOME way for mums to learn, and here's why.

You're Never Late 

I was NEVER late before I was a mum. Now I'm pretty much always late, you know how it goes. You can't be late for an eCourse, which makes life so much more relaxing. 

You Don't Have To Wake Up Your Baby 

There is NOTHING more frustrating then spending an hour getting your baby to sleep, only to wake them up again because it's time to go out. You can almost guarantee that the only day your baby will NOT catnap is the day you need to get stuff done. You can do an eCourse in your own time, whilst your baby is asleep, even if that's only for half an hour! 

You Don’t Have To Wear A Bra 

Between breastfeeding and keeping up with the laundry it's nice not to have to get dressed up all the time. You can do an eCourse in your pyjamas if you want! I do :) 

You Can Get The Peace And Quiet You Need 

Even if you are usually extroverted, the time after your baby is born can be overwhelming and over-stimulating. Even chatting to visitors can feel exhausting in those early months. If you are naturally a homebody, you don't have to fight the crowds or talk to strangers to do an eCourse. 

If Your Baby Is Sick You Don't Miss Out 

I missed out on so many things I had paid for when my babies were little. Between sleep deprivation, losing my s**t and common coughs and colds, sometimes I'd only end up getting to half of our swimming lessons and mums and bubs yoga classes. Know the feeling? You can't miss out on an eCourse, it's right there waiting for you whenever the storm dies down. 

We Are Here When You Need Us Most (Even At 3 AM) 

I know those long, dark hours all too intimately. I know what it's like to be at the end of my tether. I know what it's like to want to read (or yell) the book "Go the F*** to sleep." You can deflect your rage off your baby by venting to our Facebook community of mums at any time of day or night. And odds are, there are some other Newborn Mothers online to make the long hours less lonely. 

You Don’t Have To Leave The Room If Your Baby Is Being Noisy

You know when someone is about to say something really interesting and then your baby starts yelling and you miss it? Doesn't happen in eCourses! They are presented in a variety of formats including video, audio and text. You can watch whilst you fold the laundry, listen whilst you walk the pram or read whilst you are breastfeeding. Whatever works for you. Seriously, this is such a simple but powerful tool for learning, especially for mums, and I know you are going to love it. 

You Don’t Have To Deal With Your Baby Crying In The Car

 I've been running live and face-to-face workshops for mums for more than 5 years now, and the most common challenge my clients encounter is their baby crying in the car. So many mothers and babies arrive, both in tears, for what is supposed to be a heartwarming an uplifting session. I can't help feeling that if you don't have to drive to access my content, you'll all be the happier for it. 

You Can Access The Course Whenever It Suits You

 Whether you are breastfeeding or your baby is asleep this content is ready for you anywhere, anytime. Pushing a pram? Listen whilst your walk. Stuck under a sleeping child?Watch on your smartphone. In the playground? Read one of the five minute articles for inspiration. 

You Can Go At Your Own Pace

There is no behind in eCourses. If something comes up (cause I know stuff comes up with babies) you just put the eCourse on hold and jump right back in where you left off.