Mother's Day Gift Guide - What Not To Buy

Gift giving is one of those emotional labour jobs that usually falls squarely on women’s shoulders. I know many women who actually buy their own gifts and even wrap them to save their partners the trouble! 

Whilst this might mean you actually get what you want I think it’s about time that other household members learn to carry some of the emotional load for a change.

Enter Mother's Day. Let’s face it, mostly when your kids are little it’s going to be your partner who does the gift buying, so forward this to them if they need a not-so-subtle hint.

Here are five things we usually don’t want for Mother’s Day and the one thing we’d really really love!


Things And Stuff

Shower caps, scented candles and foot spas are all very 1990s. In case you hadn’t noticed it’s 2017 and mums are flocking to KonMari like nobody’s business. Mums do not want more things and stuff to organise, store and clean. Don’t give her things and stuff unless you are truly 100% sure that she will use it. The vast majority will end up in the landfill before Father’s Day.

Night Wear

I love good loungewear! I practically live in it as I work from home. But most Mother's Day nightwear has Disney characters or looks like it’s designed for nursing home residents. How about something that grown-up women actually like to wear?

Please note: unless this comes with actual sleep don’t give it as a gift. It’s just depressing.

1950s Housewife Gifts

These things might be marketed as home inspiration, but don’t be fooled! They are really housewife gifts in disguise. Toasters, blenders and vacuum cleaners send an ominous message about our role in the world and our future dreams and ambitions!

Beauty Gifts

Nutribullets and activewear can all be controversial! Also, avoid epilators and facial saunas. Not only do these gadgets imply your partner is unfit and ugly, they will probably also end up in landfill very soon. Avoid beauty gifts unless your partner has explicitly expressed that she wants something in particular.

Chocolate And Flowers

Whilst most of us do like chocolate and flowers what it really just says is you forgot about Mother’s Day and picked something up from Coles on the way home from work. Do it if you must but don’t expect any brownie points.

Go one better and hand pick wildflowers from your local area or even your garden and go out of your way to find her favourite kind of chocolate.

What We Really Want!!!

TIME, TIME AND MORE TIME. Time to sleep. Time to have a date. Time away from cooking, cleaning and shopping. Time to sleep… did I mention that already?  Time for a massage. Time to indulge in our hobbies like knitting or playing the piano or reading a book. Time to start a new hobby like a pottery, drawing or circus classes. Time to walk on the beach. Time to have a whole coffee in peace. 

Any gift that YOU have put time into will be appreciated too. For example, if you go to the effort to organise and print some baby photos or cook a beautiful meal or clean the house, we will love that!

And of course, anything from our children will always be loved and appreciated! Even if it is some second-hand plastic crap from the school Mother's Days stall!