How To Survive Christmas As A Newborn Mother

Let’s face it - it’s always the silly season with a newborn in the house! I would know, I’ve got one right now. Here are my six top tips for enjoying the holidays as a Newborn Mother.


1. Stay Home

If you have interstate or overseas family, consider spending this Christmas at home. Travel with a newborn is always stressful. And holidays often mean trying to keep your baby happy and relaxed without all your usual equipment and comforts. 

2. Only Do One Thing Each Day

If you have different branches of the family tree to catch up with, avoid doing it all on Christmas. Maybe visit some people on Christmas Eve, another on Christmas Day and if you still have more to catch up with, try Boxing Day.

3. Be A Lioness Mother

Everyone loves babies and everyone is likely to want a cuddle. Chances are you aren't so keen on handing your baby around like pass the parcel. If it makes you uncomfortable, try and invoke your inner lioness and don’t be afraid to be protective and hold your baby close, even if it means offending your Great Aunt Maude. There will be plenty of time for cuddles when your baby is a little bigger.

4. Resign Yourself To Missing Out

It’s only temporary, but for now, you might need to accept that this isn’t the year to start all those new family Christmas traditions you’ve been dreaming of. You may need to miss out on some parties or leave a little early. Keep it simple and lower your standards. It’s only for one year.

5. Schedule A Nap - For YOU!

Most Baby-Christmas survival guides will tell you to plan your day around your baby’s schedule, but I’m going to do the opposite. I LOVE naps for mums! They make the day (and the in-laws) infinitely easier to face. Put a nap for you on the Christmas schedule. 

6. Feed In Private

Crowds and noisy environments can feel overwhelming for Newborn Mothers. Often your senses are heightened and you feel more introverted than usual. When you need a break, excuse yourself to feed your baby. Take yourself off to a quiet spot in the bedroom and breastfeed lying down. You can use the excuse that your baby doesn’t feed well when distracted, and you’ll find 30 minutes of peace and quiet for you too.