Effortless Style With Alma

Those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while know that I've been searching for a solution to the struggle of getting dressed in the morning.

Hands up if you, like me, find it hard to:

  • Choose an outfit that's appropriate for rescuing your kids from trees and digging in the sandpit;

  • Find clothing that expresses your personality when you aren't even sure what you new mum identity is;

  • Match colours and styles when nothing fits you cause your body shape has been changing for years; and

  • Doing it all in ten seconds flat cause you've got a toddler tugging on your leg and a baby who needs breakfast.


Well, I've found the solution! I met Alma at a business women's retreat recently and she told me about her new style course and of course I signed up as soon as it was available. We started by creating a style power plan, then she worked with my unique body, colours and personality and we created a capsule wardrobe that makes it super easy and quick for me to get dressed in the morning. I own fewer clothes than ever, bought most of them second hand and I've never loved my wardrobe more!!

Effortless Style That Feels Like YOU:
Alma's Shortcuts To Save You Time And Money
And Lift Your Confidence While Being A Busy Mum

So I invited Alma to do a free webinar for us. She is a mum too, pregnant with her second, so she understands the challenges of maternity dressing well, and she is a businesswoman too like many of us. I think you are going to LOVE this!

To enrol in Alma's Style Power School and connect with your true effortless style, click here.