Does My Baby Need A Routine?

Many new mummies are scared out of their wits that if they don’t start a routine as soon as their baby is born, they are cursing themselves to a life of no sleep! You have likely been told you are creating a rod for your own back if you decide to go with the flow, but let me share a few things about routines with you…


Babies Are Surprisingly Flexible

When you have more than one child you realise that (most) babies are more flexible than you’d been led to believe. Whilst you may be able to let your first and only babies' routine dictate your whole life, this is not possible when you have more children.

If you have older kids to get to daycare or school or playgroup your baby is just going to have to fit in. And once you try this you realise that they actually fit in quite well.

Toddlers? Not So Much...

It won't be long before your catnapping baby becomes a tyrannical dictator of a toddler and you might have no choice but to plan your life around nap time. For now, enjoy your (relative) freedom.

Luckily toddlers tend to have one big sleep in the middle of the day rather a nap every hour or two, which makes it easier to fit other things into your life too.

Routines Are Great For (Some) Mums

I would have loved all my babies to sleep like clockwork, I really would. If I knew I could guarantee a two-hour sleep at lunchtime I would schedule the whole entire world around it. But my baby’s never signed the contract.

Whilst I would love the predictability and structure, other mothers would suffocate! Mothers are actually just human beings (who knew!?) We are all different - some mothers love plans and some mothers prefer spontaneity and adventure. And for those mothers routines are going to be stifling.

Some Babies Love Routine…

Some don’t! Whilst tiny babies will generally sleep anywhere, some will sleep more and be more content if you try and stick to the schedule. Other babies are totally go-with-the-flow and are happy to cat nap wherever they find themselves.

The Solution?

Get to know yourself and your baby and find some happy medium that works for both you of you. Either way, you aren’t ruining your baby for life.


Birth isn’t just about making babies, it’s about making mums too.