Are You Planning A Natural Birth?

One question I kept getting asked during my recent pregnancy was, "Do I plan to have a natural birth?"


I find the question strange to be honest because surely a natural birth should be just what happens, without planning. Surely it's an induction or a Caesarian that would be planned and a natural birth, unless there is an emergency, would be just what's expected. But sadly this isn't the case, and if you do want a natural birth you may have to work for it.

Your Best Chance At Success Is Choosing Your Care Provider Carefully

Just like you wouldn't choose to go a Holden dealer if you want to buy a Ford, you wouldn't choose to go to a vegetarian restaurant if you want to buy steak. It reminds me a little of the John Hughes ad on TV, choose your dealer before you choose your car.

Some maternity care providers have a Caesarian section right up to 70% in Australia. Others are closer to 10% or 20%. So it makes sense to choose the care provider who is skilled in providing you with the birth that you want.

If you want a Caesarian you wouldn't choose a birthing centre, and likewise if your preference is a natural birth than a surgeon is not your best option.

Of course the idea of planning anything around birth is slightly misleading! As a mother you are no longer in control, but you can certainly give a natural birth your best shot by choosing a care provider who is skilled and experienced at natural birth.