Positive Birth Affirmations

As your babies birth day approaches you may feel very open and vulnerable and exposed. Elevated oxytocin levels leave you very sensitive to every little comment people make and media or friends or family might make you question if you are physically able to give birth or if you should be bringing another child into such a hopeless world...


It's so surprising that people can behave so unhelpfully, but humans love drama, we are addicted to it. That's why you never see natural, normal, healthy birth on prime time television. It's not as interesting as wailing sirens, emergencies and life saving surgery.

I feel that giving birth requires a woman to be firmly centred in her right brain, the creative, intuitive, powerful feminine centre, which is exactly what all that oxytocin is for. Feeling exposed and vulnerable is part of surrendering to the universe, letting go of control, leaving the rational mind and allowing your body to do the job it was perfectly designed to do. It's a very powerful feeling.

But the power can be overwhelming and positive birth affirmations help many women look forward to the birth being a positive experience:

  • Voltaire said "The role of the doctor is to distract the patient while Nature is curing the disease." Whilst I don't consider birth an illness the idea letting your body gets on with it's job is very appealing.

  • I Ching says "Rain, after all is only rain; it is not bad weather. So also, pain is only pain; unless we resist it, then it becomes torment." Pain with a purpose, rather than fear!

  • There are 270,000 babies born in the world every day! You are not alone, think of all your birth sisters. Talk about girl power! If they can do it, so can you.

  • "I will gratefully accept the birth I am given" or "Come what may and love it" It's not all about control, it's about feeling positive.

  • A quote form the book Birthing from Within is very practical "Labour is hard work, it hurts and I can do it."

  • Ina May, my birth hero, relates a birth story where the woman's mantra is "I'm gonna get huge." I love this cause it makes me laugh, and hints at what Ina May calls the forgotten powers of the vagina!

There are thousands of birth affirmation around on the internet and in books, ask your doula for suggestions or just make up one that suits you! You can say them, read them, write them, stick them up around your house, pack them in your hospital bag...

What is your greatest fear? Choose an affirmation that is it's opposite and you may be amazed at the changes you begin to feel. Allow your wide open heart to enjoy the brilliant possibilities!