Introducing Clancy Rafferty Jones Smith

We are finally back from labour land!

Introducing Clancy Rafferty Jones Smith.


He was overdue and we tried everything!!! Acupuncture, chiro, induction massage. When my clary sage and raspberry leaf tea ran out I even tried a few stretch and sweeps... Nothing!! It just shows that I'm not in control anymore - he's the boss now!

Two weeks later and I'd had enough. My second was 4.4 kg and only one week late, so I was getting worried about his size. Plus I was well and truly over being pregnant.

We went into hospital and had my waters broken - waited four hours and STILL nothing so I decided to have syntocinin.

He was born at 9.15pm on Thursday 23rd June after about five hours of active labour.

This boy is HUGE!!! 4.64kg (10.2 pounds or top 1%!!!)

Midwives are amazing! Two of the things I was most scared of was a medical induction and having a big baby. I got both and it was still a really beautiful birth experience, thanks to their skilled support.

And I finally have my boy in my arms!! He's gorgeous and we are all sooo in love! I'm pretty sore everywhere but have heaps of help and good food and feeling great.

My older children are doing great too. They made him a birthday cake and generously ate it for him too! He slept through his "0" birthday party.

I spent the whole first week in bed which was glorious! We have had a few doctors appointments and things in the second week, but when I can I spend my time lying in the winter's sun in my back garden, or in front of the heater. Breastfeeding, cuddling, reading books, watching Netflix.

We just had him weighed again at 11 days old and he was 5.1 kgs!!!!

Thanks for all of your love and support.