How To Write A Blog That Matters

I’ve been writing a blog for longer than I’ve been a doula! It’s been a critical element of my business success. It’s a way of expressing my ideas and a brilliant marketing tool that builds trust and rapport with potential clients.


I often get asked about blogging by other postpartum professionals, so here’s my quick guide to starting your very own blog.

Start With A Commitment

I started out writing just one blog post a month. Now I write a blog post every week. You can write a post every day if you are super creative! The frequency doesn’t matter so much as the commitment. Just pick a regular time to publish your blog, like every Tuesday or on the fourth day of each month, and stick to it like glue.

Keep It Short

300-500 words is plenty long enough in cyberspace! Less is more and if you write too much your audience is bound to get distracted and click away. If you find your blog post is getting too long break it down into a few different parts and make a series. Just get it published, and quick!

Write From The Heart...

One of the hardest things for many postpartum professionals when they start out blogging is finding their ‘voice,’ particularly if they are used to writing academically.

Many people ask me what tone they should use, if they should write in first person and how they should reference their research. The answer is there is no answer!

You are the boss of your blog. You have to find your own way of writing that works for you and your audience.

...To The Heart

Perhaps the only rule of blogging to consider is making an emotional connection. Write everything on your website as though it is a love letter to your ideal client. If your writing is too stiff or formal it is much harder to connect.

Use A Medium That Works For You

If you don’t love writing, then sing! Just joking, sort of. You can have a video blog, a podcast or a photoblog. Just express yourself in whatever way comes most naturally to you. Your audience will appreciate it when you communicate in a more authentic way.

Be Brave

Write about big, bold, important topics. Write about stuff that matters. Write about big dreams and big fears. Write about what is important to your audience. If you are worried something is too embarrassing or vulnerable or intimate then it is probably the perfect topic! One of my most popular blog posts of all time is about fanny farts

You Will Piss Someone Off

No matter what you say, someone won’t like it. The internet is a big place and you really can’t please everyone. The more readers you have, the more fans you will have, the more haters you will have too. So when the haters arrive, silently thank them for symbolising that you have reached a bigger audience, and delete their comments. Don’t feed the trolls.