How To Make Ghee In Your Thermomix!

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of ghee for Newborn Mothers throughout the whole first postpartum year, and indeed all of life! In Ayurveda it is often referred to as the elixir of life as it strengthens, heals and rejuvenates the body as we recover from pregnancy and childbirth.


Ghee is said to add ‘juiciness’ to the body by creating Ojas - the source of immunity and the vital essence. Ghee is also used for cleansing because it dissolves toxins and carries them to the intestinal tract to be expelled. 

It’s my go-to when I’m feeling run down or stressed or depleted. 

You can add a tablespoon of ghee to almost anything - porridge, soup, dhal, toast, mashed potato, roast veg. It’s a bit like vegetarian bacon, everything’s better with ghee!!

Ghee is very easy to cook on the stove top BUT it can burn which is completely heartbreaking and devastating - you may think I’m exaggerating until this happens to you!! You can find the stove top ghee recipe in my recipe book.

I wrote my recipe book before I got my Thermomix, and I actually think if it had been the other way around I would have written a Thermomix recipe book! I have since converted all the recipes and cook almost exclusively with my Thermomix now.

When I was adapting everything a few years ago I looked long and hard for a ghee recipe for my Thermomix. All I found were recipes for clarified butter, even in the Indian cookbook and on popular health food blogs.

Sometimes ghee is confused with clarified butter, but, whilst both are completely delicious, the cooking method and end result IS truly quite different. Learn more about ghee and the difference here.

I get asked for this recipe regularly, so here it is! It's sooo easy for Newborn Mothers, this truly is one-handed cooking…

Thermomix Ghee

750 g unsalted organic butter, cute into cubes.

If you use salted butter it will obviously be salty, but it will also foam more and end up with some sediment or crystals.

If you use conventional butter (not organic) it will cook - and burn - quicker.

Melt cubed butter for 10 minutes at 60 degrees, speed 1.

Cook for 60 mins at Varoma temperate on the slowest speed. Leave the measuring cup off so the water can evaporate.

Walk away - breastfeed your baby, play with your toddler, have a sleep…

When it beeps at you look into the Thermomix and see if the butter has turned transparent, like oil. If it is still yellow, cloudy and creamy and you can't see through it cook for another 10 mins. 

Check again and repeat until it is transparent.

When you can see through the ghee to the blade it is ready. 

Pour through a strainer, but I find this method leaves less separated solids and foam.

Traditionally in India many mothers and grandmothers mix the solids with a little jaggary and coconut for a treat for the kids.

Don't wash the Thermomix! Cook a curry or dal or soup in it to use up all the remaining ghee in the jug.

Nourishing Newborn Mothers