How To Be An Awesome Husband

I asked my husband what I should write about for Fathers Day. The conversation went something like this…


“What do you want for Fathers day?”

“Marine ply and soil.”

“No I mean in a more existential way, are you looking for meaning in your life, or more time with your children, or better work-life balance?”

“Nope, just the obvious…” *wink wink*

Men are predictable, not that I’m an expert. But I felt I should write something about Fathers Day, and I keep hearing about husband’s who are - well, let’s face it - dicks.

But my husband is not a dick.

So I thought I’d write a note of appreciation for my husband.

And if other husbands want the obvious thing for Fathers Day too, then it might good idea to read this.

He Does The Dishes. All Of Them. Every Day

I never do the dishes. Never, ever, ever. I do the laundry. All of it (except ironing, I never touch the iron) and he does the dishes. I love dividing labour into whole tasks so I never have to think about it or nag.

He Asks For Help On My Behalf

When my husband knows I’m struggling he reaches out for help. Women are notoriously bad at asking for help, so he does it for me. When he travels for work, for example, he often lets my friends know when he’ll be away. Then they turn up with food or coffee or invite my kids for a playdate and it’s totally awesome.

He Trusts My Decision-Making Ability And Experience

When it comes to parenting decisions and running the household decisions he knows I spend more time at home with our kids than he does. If I say we need to spend money on a cleaner he takes my word for it. When I want to invest thousands of dollars in a private midwife he knows I’m in the best position to make that decision. And if I say it’s been a shit heap of a day and the kids are watching TV for hours he understands that I was there and he wasn’t so he wouldn’t interfere.

Is your husband awesome too?

Feel free to add your Fathers Day appreciation in the comments!


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