Gluten-Free Lactation Cookies

When I wrote my postpartum recipe book, one overwhelming request I got was for gluten-free lactation cookies. But I couldn't figure it out! Gluten-free cookies are a challenge for any baker, and I just couldn't find out a way to make gluten-free lactation cookies that weren't too dry or crumbly, that was easy to digest and that was actually worth eating.


I'm proud to say, many years too late for the recipe book, I've finally cracked the code! Gluten-free lactation cookies that actually taste GOOD! Like seriously good, as good as the ones with gluten in them!!!

The bad news is they contain oats. Since 4 out of 5 coeliacs can tolerate oats, and oats are excellent for increasing breast milk, I have to let the oats through on this one.

Oats and linseed increase milk supply and ginger aids digestion.

Without any further ado - let the milk flow!


165g Jaggary or Rapadura Sugar

(see my recipe book for details on jaggery)

200g Organic Butter

200g Rolled Oats

180g Desiccated Coconut

1 Tablespoons Ground Linseed

1 Teaspoon Ground Ginger


Preheat oven to 160°C. Grease a small 30 x 25cm baking tray.

Roughly chop jaggery and put into a small pan on a low heat with the butter and spices. Stir occasionally until butter and jaggery are both melted. You may need to mash lumps of jaggery with a fork (if you use jaggery you can simply stir until dissolved).

Mix all other ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Add the wet ingredients and stir well.

Press into the baking tray with your wet hand till smooth and flat.

Bake for 10–15 minutes. Shorter for chewier biscuits, longer for crunchier biscuits.

Whilst still warm, cut into squares leaving in the baking tray. When cool remove and store in a biscuit tin for up to a week.

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