Fill Your Freezer With Soup Meal Plan

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When I was pregnant with my third, instead of a baby shower I chose to have a Fill My Freezer party. This was basically something I made up so I knew I'd have plenty to feed my growing family while I rested in bed with my newborn.

That day I invited many friends (old and new) to have a big cooking day at my house, and I especially requested food for my kids lunchboxes. My friends each brought their own recipe and ingredients, and I supplied loads of containers for freezing plus a second freezer. It was a really fun day!

Here are a few of the things we cooked:

- Vegetarian Lasagne

- Thai Curry

- Banana bread

- Zucchini slice

- Vegetarian Sausage rolls

- Samosas

It kept us going for months!!

In case you don't have loads of friends who love cooking, or you aren't sure what recipes to cook, I've created a mini fill your freezer meal plan, that you can do with friends or on your own. Of course it's way better with friends!

This Fill Your Freezer with Soup Meal Plan is FREE to download at the end of this blog post and includes two of the most popular recipes from my recipe book - Pumpkin and coconut soup and Zucchini and Almond soup and Velvety Mung Bean and Spinach Soup from my blog.

  1. Three times tested recipes

  2. A fully organised grocery list with all ingredients needed

  3. Preparation instructions

  4. Step-by-step cooking day instructions

  5. Printable labels for your freezer meals

All three recipes are vegan and gluten free and can be made vegan by replacing milk and ghee with your favourite dairy replacements. You'll make a total of 18 serves of food which I suggest you freeze/store in individual portions so that it's easy to defrost just what you need.

Freezer food can all taste a bit mushy and homogenised after a while, so it's worth getting something juicy like fresh fruit and something crunchy like roasted nuts to keep things interesting.