An Equipment List For Mum (Not Just Baby)

How To Feel Comfortable, Supported & Warm After Childbirth

Having three babies myself and spending the last decade of my life supporting other women having babies, I’ve found there are certain things missing from the usual baby equipment list you get when you are pregnant.

Sure a pram and car seat are fairly essential, but beyond the basics what your baby needs most of all is your voice, touch and love. Most baby equipment lists focus on, well, babies!! We rarely talk about what a mother needs.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you my favourite postpartum outfit - warning, it’s not very fashion forward! But it’s super comfy, healthy and supportive. I consider these things to be pretty essential on the equipment list of things to buy whilst pregnant.


Crossover Sleep Bra


Maternity bras are tricky things!! Even if you find one you love your body shape will change and it won’t fit you any more - very frustrating. My favourite maternity bra personally is actually from Bras 'n' Things. It’s a long line lace bra with no padding. I personally don’t like padded cups in maternity bras as my boobs get super hot when full of milk - although the padding is handy for unexpected milk leakages!

download (10).png

However, most bras don’t adjust much to fit your changing breasts, which is why I usually recommend, especially for the early weeks, a crossover style sleep bra.

They are soft and comfy and stretchy so they fit even when your breasts are engorged or wonky! They have no padding and are usually made of cotton so they are comfy enough to wear even at night. 

download (11).png

Even if you don’t normally wear a bra at night you might like one to hold your breast pads in place during the early weeks/months of breastfeeding so you don’t wake up in a pool of milk.

Whilst these crossover bras are not very supportive they are perfect for the early days of resting at home. I recommend you buy at least four as they will regularly get soaked with breastmilk! You can buy these at most retail giants like Target and Kmart, or from many online boutiques and Amazon.

If you know of any ethical brands please let me know as I haven’t been able to find any.

UPDATE! One of our readers found this beauty!

Breast Shells

download (8).jpg

Oh my gosh! One of my favourite new mum products! Let’s face it, breastfeeding can hurt whilst you are figuring it out and these all natural breast shells are the best and most beautiful solution I have ever come across!

These are actual shells from the beach and they work by keeping a little breastmilk on your nipples between feeds for moist wound healing.

Read more about breast shells here.

Reusable Breast Pads

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I know disposable sounds handy but I actually much prefer reusable breast pads. They are more absorbent, more comfy and they don’t make a scrunchy noise when you move!!

I like nice big ones to go over my breast shells, and Mamafox caught my eye because they are extra large, contoured and created by Aussie mums. I got a 16 pack but you could get by on less if you are diligent about laundry.

Incontinence Pants

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Here’s another goodie you never saw coming before you became a mum!! Nappies for mums! Yes, they are disposable but I could never find any good reusable incontinence undies, most of the ones I’ve seen are high cut making them not very comfortable during those sensitive early days.

Just go to the chemist and grab yourself some incontinence pants to use for the first week or so after childbirth and you’ll save yourself a lot of laundry as the intense postpartum bleeding can soak through underwear and sheets.

Plus they are way more comfortable than those surfboard style pads!!


download (13).png

I use, love and recommend simple tubular bandages to support your belly after childbirth. You can read more about traditional postpartum belly binding here and find a supplier in our Newborn Mothers Directory.


Long Sleeve T-Shirt & Leggings

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OK, now we’ve got the fun stuff out of the way… Long sleeves are great for breastfeeding in bed and keeping your upper body warm. Maternity tops are great, but regular long sleeve tops are fine as you can have the covers over your torso. 

I recommend you buy a stack cause you can wear them night and day! In winter you can layer regular tops over maternity tanks for more discrete public breastfeeding.

Having long sleeves and leggings to wear to bed makes getting up in the cold night a whole lot easier.

Shift To NatureThunderpantsThe Goodnight Society and The White T-shirt Co have a good range of organic and ethical basics.

That is one great outfit!! It will keep you warm, comfy, supported and healthy whilst you care for your baby.