3 Videos Of Beautiful Postpartum Care

It amazes me to say that I have now trained hundreds of postpartum professionals in dozens of countries through my online postpartum training course Newborn Mothers Collective. Today I’d like to celebrate three of our graduates from June/July 2018.

I want to share the beautiful videos of just three of our brilliant Newborn Mothers Collective Graduates that clearly show our vision for postpartum care. Because it's such a gap in our culture, many people still can't picture what it would actually look like. What do postpartum professionals actually do? What's the alternative to our current system?

These videos all show you how mothers deserve to be respected and acknowledged, seen and heard, in a way that most traditional cultures do very naturally. We are the strange ones! It's NOT normal to slip on your skinny jeans and go to the supermarket the day after having a baby. It’s NOT normal for a human mother to return to paid work earlier than a mother dog could be legally separated from her puppies.

It IS normal for new mothers to be treated as brides or goddesses, to be pampered and nurtured and loved by their communities. It IS normal for mothers to be massaged and fed and held. And the powerful thing about video is you get to feel the emotions, and have the vicarious experience of what it's like to be a supported, loved, healthy and confident mother! It can be hard to imagine what postpartum work can look like in our sick culture.

Get the tissues ready, watch and enjoy our vision for the postpartum renaissance.

These videos show you literally a day in the life of a postpartum professional.

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Meet Ria Keller

Ria is a Newborn Mothers Collective trained Postpartum Doula in Northern Ireland, a childcare professional and also a Chef with an interest in Ayurvedic nutrition. Ria says:

“For me becoming a mum changed everything. I was lucky enough to experience a beautiful birth in a birth house led by private midwifes in Germany. Being home with our first baby after 3 hours made us realise very quickly how less thought we had given into the postpartum time beforehand. My Partner returned to work after 2 weeks, the support through my midwife and our family was wonderful but just not enough for me to find peace with the transition into motherhood. With our son being a high-need baby I quickly reached the point of exhaustion. I was under the impression that I was meant to do it all by myself wondered why I wasn’t enjoying those first weeks of Motherhood as much as everyone told me I should be.

I knew there had to be a more gentle and nourishing way to experience motherhood and I strongly believe every new family deserves support and care through these magical postpartum weeks. I’m here to help you to make your postpartum experience a beautiful nourishing and loving time.”



Meet Shelley McClure

Shelley completed Newborn Mothers Collective and works as a postpartum doula, vaginal steam facilitator, home herbalist and feminine ecologist on the Mid North Coast of NSW. She is dedicated to helping women and communities flourish, especially during times of intense transition such as the onset of menarche, pregnancy-postpartum & menopause. Shelly explains:

“These special times of crossing the threshold offer tremendous opportunity for positivity and growth if honoured and respected. Largely inspired by my own growth and challenges into Motherhood, I am especially passionate to share and be a part of an ever growing movement of postpartum care revitalists. 

By practicing the ancient art of postpartum care culture, in a modern context, I believe we can nurture and nourish Women, Children and Families to have a fulfilling and supported transition into Motherhood. I offer nourishing meals, teas, massage, herbal support and importantly a safe space of emotional support to allow families to find their own unique innate wisdom amongst the glorious messy chaos.”

Watch Shelly here >> https://www.facebook.com/abchobart/videos/331358647512004/


Meet Naomi Chrisoulakis

Naomi offers home delivered nutrient-dense food and in-home post-natal care in Sydney’s inner west. She believes every woman deserves a postpartum period that's restful, rejuvenating and respectful of the massive transition into motherhood. He business Cocoon offers a modern take on ancient rituals. She says:

“Countries around the world have similar rituals and traditions around postnatal care. What do they have in common? Rest, good food, comforting touch, warmth and social support where the new mother feels cared for deeply. It’s all about stepping back, slowing down, healing and resting, in order to transition healthily and happily from expectant parent to mother. Family and friends mother the new mother and treat her as gently as a newborn.

It’s a far cry from the isolation, anxiety and pressure that new mothers in Western cultures often feel. Researchers have shown that good postpartum support is effective at protecting against postnatal mood disorders. A lack of support? Well, that’s been shown to be a contributing factor to depression.”



These three spectacular women took the leap and graduated from Newborn Mothers Collective one year ago. Now they are part of the solution, making waves in the lives of mothers all over the world. Imagine where you could be one year from now if you follow your calling, step into your life’s work and join the postpartum renaissance!?

Interested in finding out more about Newborn Mothers Collective? Read more here >> https://www.newbornmothers.com/training