Nourishing Newborn Mothers

Ayurvedic Vegetarian Recipes to Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul After Childbirth

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Let me introduce myself.

I'm Julia and I'm passionate about preventing new mums from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.


I created Nourishing Newborn Mothers because I after giving birth to my first baby I was shocked. Sadly, I have since learned this is a really common reaction. 

Julia Jones

I had low milk supply, indigestion and a colicy baby and experienced first hand the massive difference that delicious, nourishing comfort food can make.

Over the past ten years I have been cooking for many new mums and get asked for the recipes without fail!

After my second baby was born many friends and family offered to bring me food, but I have to say the usual frozen lasagne was just not hitting the spot. So I dug out all my recipes from scraps of paper and old emails. I made an effort to start weighing and measuring when I cooked and here they are for you to enjoy too.

I've since had a third baby and ate so much amazing food cooked by my friends and family! It truly takes a village, and I hope my recipe book will help you build your village too!

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Nourishing Newborn Mothers

This Book Changes Lives

But this is more than a recipe book! I have to be honest with you, the delicious meals, snacks, drinks and treats are a ruse.  

What you'll really get is access to:

  • nourishing postpartum traditions to bring you peace and joy

  • insight into your crazy love hormones and why baby brain is wonderful thing

  • useful tips to boost your milk supply and calm the crying (you and your baby!)

The book is a week-by-week self care plan for the first 40 days after your baby is born.

You don't need to know anything about Ayurveda, you don't even need to know how to pronounce Ayurveda, but you will notice that these recipes are more than just fuel for your body, they are recipes to heal your mind, body and soul after childbirth.

Newborn Mothers know that being happy and healthy means you can be the mum you want to be, and your baby will thank you for it.

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