Our courses are all online and available all over the world. You always get instant and lifetime access and can learn at your own pace from home, in your pyjamas. Now you know why i love online courses!


Newborn Mothers Collective

Online Postpartum Training and Professional Development with 700+ students from 30+ countries around the world! Wherever you are in your postpartum career - taking your first step or with decades of experience - if you feel a deep calling to work with Newborn Mothers during this life-changing transformation, Newborn Mothers Collective is for you if you believe birth is about making mums too.

Newborn Mothers Dreams

An online audio course for mothers designed to show you how you can do anything (but not everything.) It will change the way you think about your time, your money and your dreams, as well as giving you practical solutions for building your village in the 21st century and create better boundaries for a more peaceful and joyful life. Create space for the healthy, happy life you dream of!