Supply Line Breastfeeding Awareness Project

I sat down for a chat with Jo Lockhart and discussed the incredible work she does around raising awareness of breastfeeding using a supply line, SNS or Lactaid by mamas who have a low breast milk supply for whatever reason.


There are many varied reasons for using a supply line. Often it is due to low milk supply though it can also be used to feed a baby with cleft palate, or by adoptive mothers who wish to breast feed. Supply line feeding keeps a baby at the breast meaning that long term breast feeding is more likely. It prevents nipple confusion that is created by giving top ups from a bottle, and can increase a mamas own milk supply because a baby is stimulating the breast while receiving extra milk. It also supports the bonding and hormonal processes of breast feeding.

You can connect with Jo on Facebook or via email at

Credit: Sarah Murnane

Credit: Sarah Murnane