Product Review - Petite Bisou Breast Shells

It took me awhile to get my head around this product... what actually is it??? Yes they are real shells, from the beach, hand selected for size and polished in Paris. Yes Paris, no less.


I was still not quite convinced so I was sent a set of breast shells to try out for myself. When my baby was learning to latch and my nipples were screaming in agony I was so glad I accepted her generous offer. Oh, that cool shell against my tender nipples was just bliss! I am totally sold!

The breast shells work by keeping a few drops of breastmilk against your nipple, for moist, antiseptic healing, and they prevent your nipples from rubbing on your bra.

Only in Paris would they consider how the shell makes a woman's nipple look. The website suggests they make your nipples look beautiful and are very discreet, but I'm not sure I would have worn them out under a t-shirt. Though maybe those French women know something I don't... 

Having said that they were easily the most beautiful and enjoyable of my immediate postpartum accessories. The shells made a lovely change from pads of all kinds, belly binding and baby spew soaked pyjamas.


My first question was do they catch leaking milk? No, you can wear breastpads over the breastshells to catch some drips, but to be honest you need extra large breastpads so that they generously fit around the whole diameter of each shell. Cloth pads in particular are too small to be effective, except for this extra-thirsty brand.

And my only other suggestion is a lovely box to store them in. Once I was breastfeeding in the hospital waiting room and really didn't want to put my breast shell down anywhere. A lovely little box to keep in my nappy bag would have been great. And then once you don't need them anymore you can store them away until your next baby arrives. 

At first, I was quite sceptical. There are so many useless gadgets and gizmo's marketing to vulnerable new mums. But if you have sore cracked, dry nipples, this is a beautiful, natural product that feels luxurious and really works. 

If you have sore cracked nipples wear the breast shells most of the time, but do allow your nipples some time to breathe, and ten minutes of sunshine twice a day is excellent for accelerating healing.

Check out the breast shells here, only $39.95 with free shipping within Australia and New Zealand. They arrive quickly within 1-5 days so if your nipples are giving you grief order them straight away.