Podcast - Episode 7 - Interview With Stacey Pine

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Expert Interview with Stacey Pine

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As a Newborn Mother, you are being invited to reinvent yourself because when a baby is born so is a mother, and the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth. You'll learn how to find peace and joy in the first 40 days after birth and how your postpartum experience can change your life.

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Originally from Canada, Stacey completed a BSc in Human Movement at the University of Alberta and travelled to Perth, WA for her practical placement in 2007. She became an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) in early 2008, working mainly in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and gaining experience with some of Perth’s best Orthopaedic surgeons and AEPs doing pre and post surgery exercise programs.

In 2010, Stacey moved on to a Physiotherapy and Pilates practice to immerse herself in Pilates training and broaden her skills with a variety of clientele. She became a fully certified STOTT Pilates practitioner in 2012, and found her niche and passion in pregnancy and postnatal exercise. Working alongside experienced practitioners and undertaking any available workshops and courses allowed her to build skills and knowledge in the area of women’s health and rehabilitation.

In 2014 Stacey started Progressive Motion, a mobile Pilates and Exercise Physiology business. This service allows her to see mums in their own environment, helping them keep active in pregnancy and return to exercise safely in the postnatal period. She teaches workshops around Perth for new mums, and has recently released an Online Program for postnatal women, “Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor”.

For more information about Stacey please her website www.progressivemotion.com.au or connect via Facebook for regular movement inspiration www.facebook.com./progressivemotion

For more information about your Pelvic Floor visit Stacey's blog http://www.progressivemotion.com.au/blog/wanting-more-from-our-pelvic-floor-part-1-why-kegels-just-arent-cutting-it and for more information about Diastasis Recti jump over here www.progressivemotion.com.au/blog/july-08th-2015

To receive 25% off Stacey's online course use the discount code '25percent' http://www.progressivemotion.com.au/online-programs.html and to get in touch via email Stacey@progressivemotion.com.au

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