How To Make Your Own Cheap, Eco Baby Wipes

Honestly I didn't believe this when I first heard about it. I couldn't imagine it would be so easy and cheap to make your own baby wipes.


I started hunting for the recipe because I am allergic to aloe vera, and all the baby wipes that use less chemicals use aloe vera, which is no good for me. Since I've started making wipes myself I've found so many other benefits that I can't believe every mum isn't doing this:

  • You know exactly what is in them, no chemicals, no allergins, nothing toxic enough to clean the bloodstains out of clothes or cats furballs out of the carpet (It's true, commercial wipes can do this, think what they are doing to your baby's bottom!)

  • Much cheaper than commercial baby wipes, particularly the more natural brands

  • They are really convenient, a nice balance for a mum who thinks about the environment but doesn't have time to wash cloth wipes every day.

And they really are easy to make. Here's how.

1 roll kitchen towel (I've found Viva is the best brand, says strongest when wet and it is true!)

2 plastic containers, big enough to hold half a roll of kitchen towel each (I use decor brand 1.125L available at supermarkets)

3 cups water

2 tablespoon olive oil (coconut oil is good for nappy rash)

2 tsp baby liquid soap or body wash (I love pitta patta)

10 drops of lavender oil (antibacterial)

  1. Use a knife (not a serated knife as this will leave jaggedy edges) to cut the kitchen roll in half. This is the hardest bit, so don't give up yet. Take the cardboard centre out.

  2. Put half of the wet ingredients into each plastic container and mix well.

  3. Put half the paper towel roll into each container and put the lid on. Turn it upside down on the dish drainer and so the water goes all the way through the towel and the excess drains. The quantities given will probably be too liquid so just drain the excess. Play around with it till you find what works.

  4. Pull the towels out from the centre first and tear on the perforation.

You may still use some purse packs of baby wipes to go out or for emergency's. But usually you can just tear off a stack of home made wipes and fold them in a snap lock plastic bag and pop them in your nappy bag. You can also use this same solution with face washers to make your own reuasable wipes. Either soak the face washers in the solution, or put the solution in a spray bottle and spray each face washer immediately before use.