How Can I Afford To Offer My Clients Money Back?

Most doulas require a non-refundable deposit, but I want my clients to know that our work is risk free. The truth is I am horrified at the thought of taking money from a new mother who is not truly, 100% happy to be working with me, which is why I offer a money back guarantee.


I am often asked how I can afford to offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. It sounds risky, but it's easy, no one has EVER asked for their money back, so it has never cost me anything. This is because of the way I select clients and the kind of work we do together. I don't promise to change your life for you, but I will work with you in creating healthy new behaviours and turning them into reliable and consistent habits. And it is your hard work that makes achieving your vision inevitable.

My Services

But I don't mean you need to do this on your own. Around the world, nourishing traditions are in place for all women after birth. Every mother is mothered with rituals and routines that ensure health and happiness and a smooth transition for her family. Research has shown that when a new mother is cared for she experiences greater breastfeeding success, greater self-confidence, less postnatal depression and a lower incidence of abuse.

In Australia, we have lost touch with these traditions, and have instead perpetuated the myth of superwoman. Our mothers are conditioned to go it alone and find it very difficult to reach out for help. And meanwhile, our breastfeeding, divorce and depression rates show the true story.

The Way I Work

Each week when I work with private clients in their home, we set intentions. But what makes these intentions stick, and become results, is a coaching process I learned from one of my Ayurvedic mentors Jacob Griscom. I feel sure all new mums know exactly what they need to be doing, but often they need some help actually finding the energy to follow through.

After my client sets an intention I ask them if it makes them feel anything other than peace or joy, the hallmark oxytocin emotions that are a new mums priority. Sometimes we may choose to let go of an intention if it is too stressful to actually implement, and sometimes we can work on a mum's internal mindset to find out what is holding her back and let that go instead.

Then we look at where the intention sits in her relationships. Will her husband/mother-in-law/toddler make it difficult for her? Which relationships will smooth the way? A new mum needs a supportive village, so she does not feel undermined and then can she easily follow through on her intentions.

Finally, we find space in her life for her new intentions. This may be a time of day or a designated sacred place or a moment without the baby so she can actually physically follow through with her intention regularly.

My Clients And Their Results

Now you know my secrets! I'm hopeless at keeping my secrets!

The question is do you want to do this all by yourself? As mothers, we have this way of thinking we should be able to cope because someone else is facing much bigger challenges than us. Maybe your great-grandmother had five kids under five in cloth nappies and no washing machine and she survived so you should too.

Or maybe you are my ideal client? If you are ready to make a deep commitment to your family to be the best mother you can be and work hard at taking care of yourself, I'd love to hear from you. If you are ready to ask for help it sounds like we would work really well together!

When you work with a doula (not a book, or a blog) you receive completely unique and tailored support. For example, I'm NOT going to tell you the one and only best parenting technique, I'll work with you and your family to find the parenting style that works for you, and then support you in being consistent and confident with that.

Finally, when I talk about results, I'm talking about you, not your baby. I will never tell you that if you do x your baby will do y. Babies do not work that way as you well know by now. The result you will get from working with me is that you will stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and start feeling more confident, supported, healthy and loved.

If you are my ideal client you'll get great results on my premium postnatal doula program, and won't need to ask for your money back.