Book Review: Stork Talk - Delivering Strategies For Your Ideal Birth By Cheryl Sherrif

Cheryl and I go way back! She's one of the most experienced birth professionals in Australia having attended over 1000 births in 30 years as both a midwife and a doula. If you live in Queensland and you are pregnant I would strongly suggest that you consider hiring her as your birth doula.


Last year I was delighted and honoured when Cheryl invited me to contribute to her book Stork Talk - Delivering Strategies for your Ideal Birth.  You can read my contribution to the book starting on page 197!

It is now a real printed book, and it is in my hands! I have read it and want to let you know about what a great resource it is for pregnant couples. I also have a couple of copies to giveaway so stay tuned till the end of this post!


Who Is The Book For?

Cheryl is very passionate about positive birth experiences within a hospital setting. The book is not 'crunchy' or 'woo.' It's solid, based on decades of experience and straightforward. 

What You'll Learn

The book steps you through all four trimesters including the challenges you'll face and decisions you'll need to make along the way. Now we all know the fun doesn't end when the placenta is birthed! My favourite thing about Stork Talk (and yes I am biased!) is that it includes a decent long section the fourth trimester. 

It includes lots of positive birth experiences and stories as well as  beautiful affirmations for each stage.

The Best Bit?

I love how thorough and knowledgable the book is. Because Cheryl is also a midwife, she can explain things like ventouse and entenox as well as being realistic about the pro's and con's of each type of pain relief. Although the book is not too long and it's easy to read, no stone is left unturned. Cheryl will help you pick the right team of birth attendants and has some great suggestions for dealing with birth trauma.