Book Review: Becoming Us By Elly Taylor

I adore Elly Taylor and I often joke that we are two sides of the same coin! I support women becoming mothers and she supports couples becoming families and our work goes hand in hand!

Here is what it say on the back of her book:


"For centuries, and in villages around the world, these transformations were honoured as a rite of passage, yet the guidelines to support us have largely been lost - until now."

A sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with!

Elly is a relationship counsellor and her book covers the four skills and eight steps to becoming us.

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Her approach is gentle and holistic and she encourages couples to use a combination of problem-focused strategies, emotion-focused strategies and social support to guide them through parenthood. It is her multi-layered and comprehensive approach that makes her book so effective.

For example, Elly covers a broad range of practical activities and exercises for couples including 'the feedback sandwich' and 'the healing apology.' She touches on mindset and naming emotions,  red flags to watch for in each other and power struggles. 

It's a very thorough and in-depth book, but designed in a way that means if you are a busy parent you can dive in and out and skip straight to the topics that are most relevant to you. There are plenty of headings and sub headings to help you focus and skim read on those tired evenings!

83 percent of new parents experienced a moderate to severe crisis in the marriage during the transition to parenthood. Sadly, struggling is the norm.

This is the kind of book everyone says they wished they had read when they had kids, so take their advice and read it now!

Frances MonterosoComment