ABC Babytalk Podcast With Penny Johnston

I'm interested to know how you feel about listening to me, instead of reading my words? I'm very happy to do some more audio content if you like it.


Maybe you prefer radio to books? Maybe you find it easier to put something on in the background whilst you fold laundry? Maybe you listen to it in the car?

Anyways, have a listen and let me know. Click the link to listen now:

Postnatal Doula podcast for ABC Babytalk.

Excuse my man voice! I had a cold.

Penny Johnston and I had a chat about all things postpartum. I only have one regret! Penny mentioned that having a doula may only be accessible to wealthy people and I wish I had emphasised that my clients are not all rich! They have just made a commitment to their babies to take care of themselves and because it is a priority for them they find the money. 

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