9 Reasons To Choose Julia To Help You Get Your Baby To Sleep

There are hundreds of sleep specialists out there! It can be really hard to figure out who will be a good fit for you. Here are nine reasons I'm a really good choice for helping you and your baby get more sleep.


1. I’ve Been There

I'm a mum. Did you know that some of the most popular sleep books were written by people who didn't have kids? Crazy! I know how it feels to need toothpicks to hold my eyes open. I also know how your heart aches when your baby is crying - even for just a few minutes! I can relate to what you are actually going through right now, and won't give you advice that is irrelevant and impossible to follow through on.

2. I’m Not A Sleep Consultant

(Yes, this is a benefit!) I work with mums who want to find peace and joy in motherhood. My sleep solutions will not compromise your sanity, your mental health or your milk supply. My approach is holistic.

3. I Can Help You Be The Mum You Want To Be

Why do you want more sleep? So you can be the mum you want to be. That's what I specialise in. We'll get your baby sleeping as much as is possible for your baby (all babies are different) but we'll also look at ways to bring more peace and joy into your life, regardless of how much sleep you are getting. 

Not only will this ecourse provide you with sleep solutions, it will also help to give you realistic expectations of sleep, and help you cope better with less sleep.

4. You’re Not Only Working With Me

You are working with a team of compassionate mothers who respect their babies. Dozens of Newborn Mothers are already in the online community, ready and waiting to lovingly support you!

5. You Get A Long-Term Approach

Quick fixes don’t work anyway. When your baby starts teething, drops a day sleep or you go on holiday, sleep will suffer. Since you get lifetime access to the course you can go through the videos and worksheets again and again, whenever you need to try out some new strategies.

6. I’ll Tell You The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

I know how appealing it is to think that one day you'll find the magic key to more sleep - I fell for that one too. The truth is finding what works is really more a case or trial and error. And the key to peace and joy in motherhood is often redefining our expectations. I won't lie, there's no magic bullet.

7. I’ll Help You Follow Through

Unlike a book, this ecourse runs for 30 days, which gives you time to create your own sleep plan, follow through on it, and review and reflect on what worked and what didn't.

8. I’ll Meet You And Your Baby Where You're At

Let's face it, sleeping 7 pm till 7 am may be fairly unrealistic for your baby right now, so let’s take it one step at a time. You set your own sleep goals and choose what is going to work for your family.

9. My Methods Are Based On Brain Science

I’m not a neurologist but I’ve been learning everything I can about hormones for nearly 5 years now, and how they relate to motherhood. My approach is grounded in up to date research, not old fashioned parenting paradigms.